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Heating & Lighting This year a change has been made due to tenants requests. In years gone by the heating controls were managed by the landlord while lighting was controlled by tenants. It was found that most tenants preferred to leave the lights on all the time. Whilst the heating was more than adequate the tenants would often adjust the heating control to much higher temperature settings, whilst at the same time opening windows to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. This may be due to the fact that they have been used to a home environment where bills are paid for by the government or parents. Unfortunately this led to huge gas and electricity bills for the landlord.

So in the interest of the tenants, the whole of the responsibility of running the heating and lighting has been handed over to the tenants by the installation of pre-paid or Smart meters. In practice this means tho this change is a win/win situation.

Up date re heating and lighting Since the above change in meters it has been noticed that tenants are saving money because since they are now having to pay for turning up the heating and pay for leaving lights on, common sense is being used. Not surprisingly the tenants are now happy to turn lights off when leaving a room. Also the heating is now being run at lower temperatures and for shorter periods of time than was demanded before.

This is of benefit to the whole world as there is less fuel combustion and thus less carbon pollution being created. Again a win/win.

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